Terms 3 and 4

Term three started with our Ice Planet topic, the children really engaged with the Superhero theme. They were keen to release the Superheroes from the ice blocks and help Elsa solve some Mathematical problems. With the Chinese New Year in the calendar we started learning about the story behind the celebration. They were all very well behaved when visiting Shanghai Gardens as part of our Chinese New Year topic. The children had the opportunity to try a variety of Chinese food and take part in a dragon dance once back in school. The children enjoyed role playing in the Chinese restaurant and using the noodles in the Mud Kitchen.

After Term break the children took part in a whole school writing activity base on Eleanor’s Secret. They were only shown stills and a short clip and produced some wonderful pieces of writing as a result.

The children were surprised to discover the space rocket that landed in our sandpit one morning and this kick started our topic of Space.

The children were asking lots of questions, wondering where had it had come from? Who it belonged to? What had happened? One child suggested that the rocket had got a hole in it and so lost pressure and crash landed! We then had the opportunity to launch our own space rocket and took the children out on the field to launch plastic bottles, using a special pump. The children got to predict what was going to happen to the rockets and talk about what happened. Ask your child what did they found out with the rocket launch?

There were many different activities that took place whilst learning about Space, from using chalk to create their own rocket pictures, using blocks and bricks to build their own and using plastic bottles to recreate the rocket launch. We looked at the story Aliens love Underpants to inspire our writing, and counted pants as part of Maths!
We have really enjoyed learning in FS2 this Term. What has your child enjoyed most? Let us know by replying on the link above and we can share their ideas in class.

Term 2

What a busy term!

We started with a visit from the animal workshop where the children got to see and feel many different animals, from tenrecs to a giant tortoise. They were all so very brave and held the hugest snake we’ve ever seen! This then led on to them writing about their favourite animal in Literacy and creating an animal using 2d shapes in Maths. Some of the children also had a try at manipulating clay to create their own mini beasts and painted them.


The children have taken part in their very first Nativity at SPCEDS. A big thank you to all of you who came to support and watch your child take part in ‘Behind the stable door’. The children were fantastic and really did us all proud.

In between rehearsals for the performance the children have been learning about the Christmas story and writing sentences. They’ve been hanging stockings on the fireplace in Maths and busy being animals in the stable.

Thank you for all the Parentshare contributions. Keep sending them through the holidays, let us know what you’ve been doing.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


The start of a new Learning Journey

imageThe children have made a fantastic start to the school year and have settled well during Term One. The staff at SPCEDS started their year carrying out home visits, a valuable part of the home school partnership, which helps build a whole picture of the children and their families. The children have quickly adapted to the rules and expectations of school and have also helped to build our own classroom expectations.

Once the children were all together we kick started our first topic of ‘Dinosaurs’. The children were captivated when they discovered the dinosaur footprints in the sand pit. “Look they must have gone that way over the fence”, “Don’t worry I’ll protect you” and “I think it’s a T-Rex!” are just a few of the comments the children made. This then led on to children digging in the sand pit looking for bones, dinosaur number hunts around the setting and building dinosaur dens outside.

Make sure you keep us informed with what your child has been up to at home. Whether it is school related, learning new skills or even a day out. Your child will get to share their pictures and talk about it with their friends at school. Send your comments and pictures to parentshare@spaldingparish.lincs.sch.uk. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Term 5 and Term 6 so far…

Term 5 was a busy one once again in FS2 with lots of great learning happening throughout the Phase. Children were welcomed back after Term Break with the topic of ‘Adventure at Sea’ which included the themes of pirates, fish, mermaids and other sea stories. We all enjoyed learning in the large pirate ship role play, complete with a giant orange octopus hanging from the ceiling which the children helped to make. Lots of fantastic writing took place around the story of The Rainbow Fish and as always, the staff were really impressed with the children’s effort and enthusiasm for their work.  Number work has continued to develop well with opportunities for doubling and halving as well as developing our shape vocabulary.

The second topic of the Term was ‘Let’s Grow’ which was very popular with the children who all got the opportunity to learn about what seeds need to grow through a class cress experiment. Outside each child had the chance to plant their own bean seeds and take responsibility for it.  These went home at Term Break and we are delighted to see how well they are continuing to grow at home thanks to the parents who have emailed photos to use. Thank you also, to parents who continue to send in lovely photos of their children’s experiences outside of school. The children really enjoy sharing these special moments with their classes and it provides great Speaking and Listening opportunities for the whole class.

We are now well into Term 6 which again, promises to be a busy one with the children’s first Sports Day to look forward to as well as beginning the Transition into Year One.  Children are currently enjoying the work we are undertaking through Dear Zoo. The recent trip to the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park was a big success. For some, it was their first experience of a bus trip and the chance to see tigers, meerkats, reptiles and many parrots.  Do enjoy the photos from this visit in the gallery!

The staff in FS2 would like to say a big Well Done and Thank You to the children and parents for their hard work so far this Term and look forward to spending the remaining weeks of this Summer Term continuing to learn lots together and hopefully enjoying some nice weather!





Term 4

Term 4 was a busy one in Foundation Stage. We had a great time learning through the topic of Space! We enjoyed walking on the moon in our Role Play Area and pretending we were astronauts in the control room Role Play. Our topic started with the discovery of a space ship that had crash landed in the sand pit and we had lots of conversations about where it had come from and why it was here. We then went onto the field where we were shown how to launch water rockets from plastic bottles that were powered by pumping a special adapted bicycle pump. We then had turns in small groups to see how high up we could get the rockets to go. As in all our topics, we continued to develop our pencil control and our imaginations, this time through drawing large space themed pictures with chalks and wax crayons onto black paper. We also made astronauts with moving parts at the craft table inside. We enjoyed the story Aliens Love Underpants and developed our writing skills by writing sentences about the story. We had great fun counting the number of pants on the washing line in Maths and continued to practice number sentences. What an action packed time we had!

February Term Break Ramble Challenge

Your Ramble Challenge this week is to think about your favourite story book and respond to the following questions:

  • What is the book called?
  • Why do you like it?
  • What happens in the book?
  • Who are the characters?
  • What is your favourite part of the story?

Parents/carers please could you discuss the above question with your children and share their responses below.

We hope you have a lovely week!

Kind regards,

Miss Goddard, Mrs McWilliam and Mr Robinson

Happy New Year!

The second part of Term 2 was a very successful one for the children in Foundation Stage. The children took part in their first ever Nativity in role as Angels, Stable Animals and Chefs. The singing was fantastic and children worked hard to learn dances to contribute to performances that all the parents and staff were very proud of. We also enjoyed our first Christmas party which included a visit from Santa. He had heard how hard we have been working and left us some lovely new toys that we are enjoying sharing this term. The Lego is particularly popular. Please keep an eye on the ‘Gallery’ section of the school website to see photos from this special time.

The children all came back to school well rested and ready to learn with some excellent homework challenges completed during the holidays. Our first topic ‘Ice Planet’ has proven to be very popular and is a great context for developing lots of new skills. We have enjoyed painting winter scenes, role playing as super heroes to develop our Communication and Language skills and writing about our favourite parts of the Jolly Snow story and much, much more.

We have many more exciting learning opportunities planned for the rest of this term, including a trip to a local Chinese to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Parents and carers, please ask your child what their favourite learning experience has been so far this year? Have they enjoyed using the ice paints, dressing up as Elsa or working in the Gregg’s Café? Please share comments by clicking the ‘Leave a reply’ link above.

Term 2 so far…

Term 1 went so quickly and we are all enjoying Term 2 in FS2. During this first fortnight we have learnt through the topic of Diwali. We started by watching video clips and listening to the story of Rama and Sita to help us understand why Diwali is celebrated. We then got busy and stuck into lots of different activities, including designing Mehndi patterns, mark making in coloured rice and exploring Rangoli patterns on the light box. One particular highlight has been making our own Diwa lamps out of clay and painting them with glittery paint. We are going to take them home to share with our grown-ups. We have also tasted some food from India, including mango chutney and lime pickle! Making our own Diwali sweets was also great fun too – yum!

Last week was World Nursery Rhyme Week. The children learnt a new rhyme each day and added sound effects using instruments. We also learnt a Polish rhyme. The week concluded with a performance to parents and carers on Friday afternoon. The children gave a fantastic performance and made all their teachers very proud!

We are now getting excited for our next topic of ‘Wrggle, Wiggle, Jiggle’ where we will learn about different mini-beasts and small animals with our animal workshop coming up very soon. I wonder who will want to touch the snake?


New Beginnings

In Foundation Stage we have had a fantastic start to the new school year. Following a valuable three days of Home Visits, the children began their journey at SPCEDS in two groups, each attending alternative full days over the first fortnight. During this time the children quickly settled and became familiar with routines and classroom expectations. Highlights for many children included role playing in the Home Corner, meeting our pet hamster Kipper, getting messy in the Mud Kitchen and investigating in the sandpit.

The children all came together on Monday 21st September to start full time at SPCEDS. During this week the children were excited to find giant eggs in their classrooms and footprints in the sandpit. This was a ‘wow’ start to our first topic, Dinosaurs. Since then the children have been busy completing Dinosaur related challenges across all areas of the curriculum including labelling body parts in Literacy, counting and ordering eggs in Mathematics and making clay fossils in the Discovery Room.

We are delighted with how well the children have settled and how quickly they have become engaged with their learning and look forward to many more exciting learning opportunities over the year.

Blog Safety.

At Spalding Parish Church of England Day School we use the internet to help us learn, inside and outside of school. We are very careful to stay safe online and we regularly discuss e safety in school. Please remember to follow these rules when on the blog.

Just a few points to remember:-
We only use our first names
We do not write any personal information- where we live, where we are at the time of writing etc.
We are always kind in what we write
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If we feel uncomfortable with anything that we can see on-line we tell an adult straight away

Class teachers read every post written by children in their classes. Teachers will not approve comments that show personal information of any kind, is not kind or relevant to the discussion or subject set. Please be careful to post your comments on the correct page by following the link from your year group.